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Supporting teachers... to support all learners

Brookside-Math Education, Inc.  was established in 2001 by its founder, Rosanne O’Donnell. Brookside’s purpose is to promote and provide curriculum materials, Professional Learning, and other on-going support activities to school districts and their staff.  Brookside began as a result of the shifts in cognitive and affective demands for teachers to change from traditional thoughts and methods toward changing roles and practices in the classroom.  

These new roles fostered the need for deeper professional development, especially toward understanding meaningful equity work, to create more inclusive classrooms.

Successful student-centered learning necessarily implies strong, teacher-centered professional development. 

In other words, the way to impact students is to connect with their teachers.  

If Mathematics is the art of discovering, there will always be innovation in the classroom. 

Today, Brookside is providing educational consulting and partnerships to bring those innovations to you. 

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Rosanne O’Donnell began her career in education as an elementary teacher and assistant principal in Plymouth, MA.  After she received her BA in Education from Boston College, she earned an M.Ed. in School Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction.  Later, Rosanne moved to Educational publishing, which led to working with UCSMP authors and the start-up of Everyday Mathematics.  As an original field associate for EM, she wrote and conducted promotional presentations, implementation PD, follow-up PL workshops, administrator overviews, user-conferences and other supportive activities.  Through this work, Rosanne experienced first hand that quality instruction makes a significant difference for students.  

More recently, Rosanne was introduced to IM Math™, authored by Illustrative Mathematics®, and became enthralled by its mission, its structure, and its commitment to all students to access grade level content.  She has been an IM Math™ Certified Facilitator since 2019 and an avid proponent of supporting teachers to support all learners.

Currently, Rosanne works as an independent math consultant, committed to helping elementary teachers optimize the way they view and teach Mathematics.  She truly believes that all students can learn to understand and appreciate Mathematics if it is taught to them how they learn.  To make a difference for students, she works diligently and passionately to impact their teachers. 

Rosanne’s philosophy is that society needs mathematical thinkers and every student deserves to become one.

When enjoying other pursuits, Rosanne can be found in the garden, in the kitchen, or at home along the coast in New England.

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